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DermaFill Global Xtra

No Wrinkles, No Stress


DermaFill Global Xtra is specially designed to help fill wrinkles, folds and contour, whiling filling smaller skin defects helping you shine brighter

Application : Medium Wrinkles and Skin Imperfection.

Injection sites: Superficial & mid dermis.

Thin wall needle: 27G

Syringe volume: 1 ml

Benefits of DermaFill Lips

Cruelty Free Products


Effective Results

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Immediate Results

DermaFill Global Xtra is a breakthrough skincare product that works to give treatment to restore the volume and contour of the face. The product is infused with an effective mix of ingredients, promoting skin smoothening of wrinkles, promoting skin rejuvenation and filling fine lines. The advanced formula of the product is made to deliver a youthful appearance and boost skin elasticity.

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