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DermaFill Lips

Expert-Formulated Fillers for Lips


DermaFill Lips is your savior, providing benefits that work effectively for all skin types. They are made for augmentation of the delicate area around the lips, which due to peculiarity is difficult to correct. It is flexible and easy to use while it guarantees precise insertion and effective results.

Application : Lips

Injection sites: Red of Lips

Thin wall needle: 27G

Syringe volume: 1 ml

Benefits of DermaFill Lips

Cruelty Free Products


 Bring volume


Natural long lasting effect

DermaFill lips is a lip filler product that is specially designed to enhance the shape and volume of the lips. You can inject itonly in the lips to achieve a natural, immediate and lasting result with reshaping of the contour of your lips.

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